Production & Contract Manufacturing

Making over 2 million frozen meals each day requires some space – and a lot of know-how. Bellisio’s production capabilities include:

  • USDA/FDA-approved refrigerated production
  • Inline freezing systems for product cooling and freezing
  • In-house sub-component manufacturing
  • Extensive warehousing and storage

Heating Things Up

At Bellisio, we run large-scale operations, but in the end, it’s all about putting that delicious and satisfying meal on the table. Our bottom-line is your satisfied appetite.

We believe that helping out a friend is just another quality that makes Bellisio Foods, Inc. the beautiful foods company. We take pride in the fact that a large part of our business is partnering with various companies in the industry and together make, distribute and place products on shelves.

Keeping Our Cool

Let’s work backwards from the warm, delicious meal on the table. From a quick microwave. From a cold freezer. From a well-stocked grocer. To our three full-scale US production facilities. Truth is, we can handle a lot and stay cool in the process. Ready? Here’s the run-down:


Jackson, Ohio 

Our largest facility is located in Jackson, Ohio, and is where we make the following deliciously authentic products for ourselves and for our partners: 

  • Single Serve Entrées
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Baked Snacks


Austin, Minnesota

Our North Central facility is located in Austin, MN. Best known for it's sauce and pouch capability, we make delicious product for ourselves and partners here as well. Some of the products include:

  • Bagged Meals
  • Family Size Tray Meals
  • Foodservice protein and sauce pouches
  • Pot Pies


Vernon, California

Located on the West Coast is our manufacturing facility in Vernon, CA. Known for their protein and multiple meal assembly, this plant is capable of producing organic and gluten-free products. Some of the items coming out of this plant include:

  • Single Serve Entrées
  • Multi-Serve Entrées
  • Family Size Tray Meals
  • Handheld Sandwiches and Wraps

CA Transparency in Supply Chain Act

Sourcing Responsibility Statement

Bellisio Foods requires all of its approved supplier partners, contract manufacturers and joint venture partners to meet specified written requirements.  These requirements include complying with all applicable laws and regulations of both the location of manufacture of Bellisio Foods products as well as the location where Bellisio Foods products are sold.  All suppliers doing business with Bellisio Foods are required to allow periodic third party audits.  All suppliers doing business with Bellisio Foods are also required to have their own approved supplier programs in place to ensure their suppliers likewise meet such requirements.

Bellisio Foods is committed to eliminating slavery and human trafficking in its supply chains and prohibits its employees from using involuntary labor, whether bonded, prison, military, compulsory or indentured labor, including debt servitude with respect to any aspect of its operations.

Bellisio Foods employees are prohibited from employing child labor, consistent with the principles contained in the International Labor Organization’s 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and is endeavoring to require the same of its suppliers.

Bellisio Foods currently audits suppliers using internal and external third party auditors as well as self-certification.  Bellisio Foods is in the process of requiring its suppliers to verify compliance with its standards concerning human trafficking and slavery through self-certification.

Bellisio Foods trains its employees and management who have responsibility for supply chain management generally on prohibitions against human trafficking and slavery.  A pragmatic approach to specific training to mitigate risks within product supply chains is currently being considered for further development.