Quality Assurance & Certifications

Making sure our meals are safely made and consistently delicious means paying attention as well as having a big-picture vision.  Bellisio’s quality assurance, capabilities and certifications include:

  • Continual and rigorous ingredient inspection
  • Extensive monitoring of all production materials and processes
  • Ongoing efforts and achievements in sustainability

Always Providing the Best Quality

We’re committed to making sure that everything we produce ends up as a satisfying meal or great-tasting snack.  However, our mission for quality assurance is about more than that. We make sure our strict safety standards meet all necessary requirements every single day, and then we go above and beyond. (We like extra credit!)   

  • USDA inspection for meat and poultry products, regulated seafood FDA products and non-regulated FDA products.
  • USDA representation on site
  • Positive Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) release on production
  • Extensive Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance with monitoring systems in production areas for materials including glass, wood, brittle plastic, and others
  • Jackson, Ohio has achieved Green Walmart Ethical Sourcing & Standards status

All three of our manufacturing facilities are GFSI approved

  • Jackson, Ohio facility holds a SQF level 3 certification
  • Austin, Minnesota plant is SQF level 3 status
  • Our Vernon, CA facility meets the international food safety standards of FSSC 22000, and is Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI), and also is Gluten-free certified

Making Connections

Bellisio looks for opportunities to drive sustainability through innovation. We pay close attention to how we package our food, the power we use, and the waste we generate. We also figure out the best ways to use our resources intelligently and respectfully. Although these efforts help the environment in general, they are also the right way to treat the communities that are home to our plants and employees. And, this helps us continue to pass along value to our customers. Here are some of our best efforts toward sustainability:


Eco-Friendly Packaging made with less plastic and petroleum than other brands, and sized so more meals fit on a shipping pallet-which ultimately saves transportation fuel. All of Bellisio Food’s branded items that come in a carton are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) approved. Keeping the environment beautiful is just as important as the beautiful food you eat and the beautiful people behind it.

Water Conservation achieved through implementation of new technologies that reduce our water consumption by over 6 million gallons of water annually.

Organic Waste repurposed by using digesters that generate enough methane to power two boilers in one plant, completely eliminating shipping organic waste to landfills.

(Recognized by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in the 2008 Innovations Review: Making Green the New Business as Usual, EDF’s inaugural report highlighting the latest trends and best practices for generating environmental and business benefits.)